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By Renee Smith | J&R Tutoring Academy of Indiana

Renee_blog-photo_72dpiTutoring has become one of our country’s fastest growing industries.  Although education has always been important, in recent years much more attention has been given to the need of acquiring a college education.

Among the many results of this increased attention is the growing concern by parents that their children test well.  One way to improve test scores is to have a child tutored.

Tutoring options have exploded.  In addition to the long time practice of hiring a current or former teacher who tutors at school or in the home, there are numerous “retail” options.  Services are available on line to locate a tutor.  Some tutors only tutor on line.

How does a parent know whom to choose?

Parents must ask themselves what they want to accomplish.  Are you only concerned with completing homework?  Do you just want test prep? Do you want your child to truly master the skills that lead to long term learning?  Is it important that your child is instructed by a state licensed teacher?  How much are you willing to pay?  How much time are you willing to commit to your child’s success?

A parent should take time to investigate the various options. These options range from the national franchises whose operations and curriculum are controlled by the corporate office, to the in-home teacher who primarily helps with homework.  Instructors range from high school students to teachers licensed by the state.

Whatever the decision, meet with the teacher or owner.  If there is a retail location, schedule a visit. Review the instructional materials.  Learn how students’ progress is recorded. It’s your child and your money; make sure you are getting the most for each!