by Renée Smith/jnR Tutoring Academy of Indiana

Our world has never been more connected. And we have never been more bombarded with news, products, and advertisements! Children start asking for specific foods and toys almost at the same time they begin talking!

What does this have to do with education? Other than the obvious impressions that television and the Internet have on children, all of this advertising affects every family’s wallet.

How much do you spend on Starbucks or mani/pedis? How much is each round of golf or the membership to the health club? What is your child’s education worth?

When the teacher shares that your child is struggling or falling behind, what is your reaction? Do you hope the situation will improve? Do you promise to help at home?

How much time are you willing to let pass by before action is taken? Why are parents reluctant to get help for their children? If your child fell and his wrist was broken, would you wait to see if it improved? No, you would head right for the emergency room!

Yet so many parents wait to see if the situation will improve when the teacher indicates that the learning process is not 100%! Why is that? We will spend $5.00 on coffee every morning on the way to work which adds up to about $200/month. Yet the same amount of money for tutoring seems too expensive.

As a tutor, I have heard so many reasons why parents can’t afford tutoring. I have tested students who were two or three years behind in some domains, yet the parents prefer to pay for and attend two or three different sports each week. Dad can’t give up one or two golf outings and Mom needs her special coffee every morning.

The NCAA has an advertisement that begins by showing several athletes competing, and then continues by stating that the majority of these athletes will “go pro” in something other than their sport. What is the message? Sports is fun! It provides great exercise! Kids learn life lessons. But for the overwhelming majority of students, sports is not going to be their “meal ticket.”

Sure I want parents to consider tutoring for their child if he or she is behind, but more importantly I want parents to realize that the most important years of education are the first ones!  The elementary years provide the foundation for everything that is to come.

A builder, who uses the best materials for everything but the foundation blocks, will soon have a crumbling house! Parents who convince themselves that “it will get better” may be using defective blocks.

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