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By Renée Smith | j&R Tutoring Academy of Indiana

Summer is nearly here!!Depending on your school’s calendar, that means eight to ten weeks of sun, fun, freedom, and loss.

Did you know that children, especially younger ones can lose up to two months of skills during the summer?

Schools have traditionally been in session for about nine months and off for about three. This is primarily because America was an agrarian society for the first three hundred plus years. Secondly, air conditioning did not become readily available until after World War II.

Children were needed to help in the fields in the summer months. And we all know how difficult it is to study when the classroom is over 90º!

As a result, the school year was established on 19th century American conditions. Are any other institutions are still operating by the same criteria they were 200 years ago? I’d be very curious to learn how they are doing.

When I was a senior in college – quite a few years ago, we were told that year round school was imminent. Since we are still waiting for year round school, does this mean I’m still a senior in college? If only …

Given the established fact that children can lose up to two months of learning skills over the summer, why is year round school still a discussion topic rather than a reality?

Traditions may be nice, but if they are no longer in the best interest of the people involved, why are we holding on to them? I could probably fill a page with traditions no one currently reading this has ever heard of!

There is a constant drumbeat about how American children are falling behind the rest of the world in education. This reasoning is used to impose all kinds of new requirements (Common Core, anyone?).
Although children may not need to be in school more days each year, the scheduling of the days do need to be addressed.

Year round scheduling is being implemented gradually in many areas, but the traditional schedule is still more prevalent. Giving your children the summer off from learning is not in their best interests. What can you do to prevent your child from experiencing skill loss over the summer?

I’d like to strongly suggest that you consider tutoring for the summer. Tutoring does not necessarily mean that a child is behind or has a learning problem. Tutoring can be enrichment or in the summer a means to retain knowledge.

Wouldn’t it be great for your child to start the year and not be stressed?

. . . a little plug for j&R Tutoring here. We do not have a rigidly structured format. We determine what each child needs to learn or where skills can be strengthened and design a program accordingly. We play some educational games. We have fun learning!

An hour a day three or four days a week could make a huge difference next fall!


Special Summer Programming

1)    Focus on Reading and Writing

2)    Spotlight on Math

3)    Kindergarten Readiness

The special summer programs are offered in addition to our ongoing tutoring and enrichment.