10536775641121CDP  You know those never-ending quizzes and surveys that you receive on Facebook and by email? Well, I was bored the other day (not sure why since I had plenty to do!), and took one that supposedly would tell me what my profession should be.

A writer!  I am supposed to be a writer! I decided that was a sign, so here I am and I hope not to let my creative juices run dry again.

A lot has happened since we last “spoke.” j&R Tutoring Academy of Indiana, LLC has grown – which is the main reason my writing has suffered. We have developed a unique (I think) approach to helping young children succeed in school. So unique that I literally create a mini lesson plan for each child for each session.

We have had some amazing success stories, and we have had a few whose problems were beyond our scope. Tutoring is one of those weird professions where one loses clients because of success!! Early on I read an article about choosing a tutor for your child, and it stated that if a tutor brags about having had a client for several years, move on – quickly!

The one aspect about tutoring that continues to frustrate and confuse me is the reluctance – no! make that out-right refusal – of a parent to seek help for a child who is struggling or even just behind.

Unfortunately, in today’s school room the teachers are expected to successfully teach children from one end of the intelligence and developmental spectrum to the other. This is an almost impossible task.  Teachers just cannot do it all. And “it” just doesn’t get better without help.

So if you have a child, or know a child who could use a little support, tutors are here to help!

I plan to post once a week, and next time I’ll get back to educational issues. There are a lot of them out there to be chewed on!