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Hi, everyone! A little over three years ago I began this blog mostly to fill my personal desire to write! Unfortunately, over the course of time I have been remiss in providing regular posts.

So . . . this is my rebirth and the rebranding of the blog. Ironically my name, Renée, means reborn, come back to life!

First – the old blog was called “Renée’s Blog!” BORING!!!!

New title – “My Take!” Sounds a bit presumptuous, but it does clearly explain what the blog will discuss. It will be my take on all topics educational, especially when they touch children aged four through grade six.

. . . . in the beginning

I attended a very traditional mid-twentieth century elementary school named after the Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley. It was a traditional two story red brick building with a basement, terrazzo floors, large windows, no air-conditioning, and a very strict principal, Mr. Pitman.

I was only called to Mr. Pitman’s office one time – in the fourth grade. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Pritchard. I was terrified. I can still vividly recall the dress I had on that day. Girls only wore dresses then. I also vividly recall why I was summoned. I will not share that because to this day I am ashamed.

I loved school and with every passing year of elementary school, I was convinced that was the grade I wanted to grow up and teach. My mother was a teacher so I had a good role model.

. . . . things change

But plans and goals change and I majored in English and minored in French in college. My first teaching position was in a junior high school in Florida. I taught both French and English. Not only was that fulfilling, but I was living in Brevard County. That name may not ring too many bells, but I suspect the Kennedy Space Center does.

The first launch I witnessed was the one that resulted in fellow Purdue alumna, Neil Armstrong, walking on the moon. The last space related activity I saw, prior to returning to Indiana, was the arrival of the first space shuttle to the Cape. Between those two major events, I got married and had children.

Life often sends us on a detour and my return “home” resulted in a career detour. While interviewing for a teaching job, my dad asked me to help him out in his small business. The small business used lasers to cut steel – obviously not a career path I had intended.

And now . . .

Although that detour lasted 25 years, I never lost my passion for education. I fed that interest through multiple volunteer activities. After some major life changes, I returned to college and earned my MA in Education.

It was during that pursuit that I became very interested in the plight of today’s young children trying to navigate the educational wilderness.

And that, my friends, are the seeds that led to the founding of j&R Tutoring Academy and “My Take!”

Stay tuned to see what I take on next. And share with your friends!