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Well, not really, but spring break is upon us which means summer is not far behind. Whether families are going away or staying at home, the routine changes and everyone is on a different schedule.

We all need a break once in a while.

Taking a break from learning for a week or two tends to revitalize everyone; however, taking a break from learning for two months or more has the opposite effect.

What to do?

Well, of course, I am going to have a suggestion. At j&R Tutoring Academy we are going to have four special eight week sessions. They are: Kindergarten Readiness, Cursive Writing, Organizational and Study Skills for Elementary Students, and Cognitive Skills.

We will continue to have our normal math and reading sessions for kindergarten through grade six students.

Why These?

Tutoring young students has exposed specific and repeated deficiencies. These four offerings are the ones that we see most frequently.

Cursive writing is not taught in the public schools at this time. We all know the justification for this – due to the proliferation of technology and keyboards, “we no longer need cursive writing.”

Ever tried to read the printing of an eight, nine or ten-year-old boy? Although I’m sure there are some who do quite well, far too many write illegibly! Cursive writing develops fine motor skills. And the number of children who form letters incorrectly is astonishing!

Kindergarten Readiness has become a critical skill.

SIDE NOTE: Personally I am not in favor pushing formal learning down to four and five year olds; however, it is the reality.

The third offering is Organizational and Study Skills for Elementary students. Although there are some who just seem to know what to keep and where to put assignments, too many do not. The current trend seems to be that each child has a packet of some type that includes homework and other requirements.

I never had a teacher who put a packet together for me! If I had homework, I was expected to take it home, do it and bring it back. That is called learning responsibility.

Although it is very nice that the students have these packets, it seems to take the place of personal responsibility.

We will teach students how to decide what to keep, what to file, what to throw away, and how to do these. We will use American history as a basis for this class.

Our final summer course is Cognitive Skills. This may be the most important offering we have. We will be using materials developed by Dr. Erica Warren.

This includes reversing letters, following directions, visualization as well as other cognitive skills. Very often children have trouble learning because these cognitive skills are lacking. There may be more than one session for this as we will group by age.

Where to sign up?

Our Facebook page has a longer description of each class. Go to http://www.facebook.com/jnrtutoring/. LIKE US while you are there!

Our website http://www.jnrtutoring.com has the registration sheet.

Join me for Summer Study Fun!