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I am so fed up with those who want to dictate every moment of a – your – child’s life that I have about had it!

This past week I read in the newspaper – you remember those things – they come in the morning and get your hands dirty! Anyway the local paper discussed the newest educational endeavor was to begin “teaching” STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) concepts to three and four year olds!

This is the same movement that decided high school students should all take chemistry, physics, advanced algebra, etc. and eliminate woodworking, engine, shop, etc. type classes.

As I have noted previously, young children vary dramatically in their level of development. By the same measure not all older students are geared to excel or even enjoy STEM subjects. I took what I had to in order to get into my college of choice, and took what I had to in college. (Couldn’t tell you a whole lot about any of it!)

We are already robbing our young children of their childhood!! I was reading an article a few weeks ago where the author observed that children today have a difficult time resolving conflicts with playmates – on their own.

Thirty/forty years ago playground or backyard problems were resolved by the children themselves. Neither parents nor other caregivers were routinely called in to make peace. Children learned amongst themselves how to fix a problem. As a result, the children learned who the “bullies” were; who could be counted on to make peace; who were the followers, and who were the leaders.

The same article noted that today we have few young children who have developed leadership skills on their own. EVERYTHING is planned. When suddenly faced with a problem, rather than being able to draw on their own experience (regardless of how small it may be), they look for an adult to tell them what to do.

With STEM intruding upon the already over scheduled lives of pre-school aged children, how will they ever learn what they are truly capable of? I can’t think of anything more horrible than activities that could potentially separate the haves from the have nots at such a young age!

I know I keep repeating this – but please remember that in Finland children do not begin organized schooling until age seven. And Finland always ranks high in those “important” world rankings.

Young children need time to find out who they are before one or more institutions begin organizing what they need!

Now one of my other very favorite whipping points – the federalization of education. The reason we continue to have these blanketing programs is because local education has disappeared. The federal government – in violation of the Constitution – controls local education.

The Founders in their unparalleled wisdom knew that the key to quality education was to encourage individuality in both character and talent. That naturally creates competition which in turn generates new ideas and builds a strong populace.

We have allowed the federal government to take over. Those who speak out are denigrated and called names. Everything must be fair. By the very definition of the word “fair,” that means that nothing will be outstanding; nothing will be better and no one will be smarter than anyone else.

Introducing STEM to three and four year olds is just another way for the federal government to control what we do. And they will try to make you feel guilty if you don’t agree with them.