This is the third time I have begun a blog post for this week, and hopefully I will finish and actually post this one!

Every time I think I’m done, I see, read or hear something else that piques my interest, and off I go again.

This morning, being primary day in Indiana, was full of interesting – and disturbing – news. We Hoosiers have been touted in the past week or so as being the most important people on the planet. Hopefully we all realize that this is just more news hype.

But in the never ending pursuit of “news,” some images I saw this morning were quite disturbing. Children were protesting one of the presidential candidates alongside their parents. These children were giving the famous single finger salute, bearing their backsides and saying things and holding signs no child should say or read. Did you notice that I stated they were doing this alongside their parents?

I do not understand what these parents were thinking! When did it become good parenting to encourage and stand beside one’s children while they misbehave? Oh, wait! These parents are not thinking!

Sadly, I suspect this is the current “Fairness Doctrine” run amuck. Schools are eliminating valedictorian and salutatorian designations because others might get their feelings hurt. Some parents treat their children like miniature adults. They discuss behavior rather than applying appropriate discipline – and punishment.

In schools this results in classes about feelings, political correctness and in some situations the denigration of the United States. After all, some would have us believe, that we should not be proud of our country.

I have to ask myself – which I seem to do more frequently – why do these people want to trash the greatest country on Earth?!

This is not to say that there are not other great countries, but the fact is that no other country has accomplished so much in so short a time. We should be proud of this. Have we become afraid to teach pride and respect for our country?

The image of the protest was still on my mind when I went to cast my vote. For the first time since voting in my current location – and I think this was the fourth time – I had to wait in line! Yeah!! Posted out front were the voting laws. One in English and one in Spanish.

I am probably going to receive some nasty comments about this, but if you are eligible to vote in the United States, shouldn’t you be able read and understand English? If you can’t, then how did you earn the right to vote in our election?

One’s vote is truly sacred. If one cannot read the laws in the language of the country where they live, how invested in the success of that country can they be? The many who came through Ellis Island in the early 20th century learned English. Although many chose to live close to one another, they learned the language and became citizens.

Now we seem to encourage others not to become true Americans. How can this be good for our nation?

We are not all equal, and we will never be. That belief goes against every law of nature. As a country we excel when each of us is allowed and encouraged to pursue those areas where we do best. The current fairness push diminishes all of us. The “equality” of encouraging children to misbehave alongside their parents – in my opinion – is a form of child abuse.

I wonder what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and even Dwight Eisenhower would think seeing children behave in such a manner or finding the election laws of the USA written in Spanish posted at voting locations?

Next week the people of Indiana will be a memory as far as the national media is concerned, but the behavior of those children will not. For those who may want to blame one candidate or another for their behavior, don’t! Candidates do not cause this. Parents allow it and in some situations, encourage it.

We need to stop allowing political correctness to undermine our basic values.

We need to be proud Americans and rebuff efforts to undermine our American way of life – and language.