(Note to readers: I am re-posting this because the paragraphing format was gone! I know this made reading more difficult!)

Short answer – nothing. At least not in the way the question is presented.

What is wrong is: 1) the things kids are exposed to daily; and 2) the breakdown of the American family.

Our children are exposed to all manner of violence in the games they play, and the movies they watch. If you have never really looked at the activities in the video games, you will be stunned! Sadly, unless mom and/or dad are constantly monitoring what the kids see, the chances that they will not see violence are between slim and none.

As far as I’m concerned – the more important aspect – is the destruction of the “typical” American family.

This began during my formative years – the 1960’s. Bras were burned! (I never did really get what that was supposed to prove!). College administration buildings were the site of sit-ins. Women’s lib became the clarion call of the decade.

I’m a female, and I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt like I had to burn my bra to prove a point!! Although my professional career began with, and is now ending, with education, I worked in contract manufacturing for 25 years. That is distinctly a man’s domain.

I never felt that I was not respected. Yes, there were some men, whom, upon meeting me for the first time had doubts, but I knew what I was doing. Soon we were working quite well together.

I once had the opportunity to visit the Swiss manufacturing site of one of the pieces of equipment our company used. There were 21 men and me (!) on this trip! I found it to be humorous! Once the men realized that I knew what I was doing, they were quite respectful.

Although I was working in a primarily male environment, I was a woman, a wife and a mother. I never lost sight of this. I went to the grocery, I fixed dinner, I cleaned house, and during the work day, I managed a manufacturing company.

My point is that women can do whatever they want, in any environment if they are up to the task. Unfortunately, too many of today’s women – rather than preparing themselves – just use their gender as an excuse to be allowed to do what they want. Often it doesn’t matter whether they are qualified or not. They just think that because they are female, it should be okay. (Give me a break!)

And too many of them think that being a mother to a new generation is beneath them!

I cannot honestly think of a more important job!

Have you paid attention to how many of the young men (it’s always the boys!) who kill in the schools come from in-tact homes? You know those places where there is a mother and a father, who are married to one another, and who eat dinner at the same table, then go to sleep in the same bed?

I only did a brief review, but the answer is that NONE of these boys were from what we used to refer to as a “home.”

Maybe you don’t think this has anything to do with the violence, but I believe that it has everything to do with it!

Now add all the violent video games and movies to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster!

In the meanwhile, politicians are pounding their chests and demanding the NRA be eliminated, and guns be removed. AND too many teachers are requiring students to observe Muslim customs!(As I recall, religion is NOT a part of public schooling!) Although this creates great headlines and television banners, it does nothing to fix the underlying problem.

The American family has always been the bedrock of our country. It is being destroyed in front of our very eyes, and rather than addressing it, too many are blaming the shiny object.